Candy Colored Hair — Do You Dig It?







Though I didn’t watch Saturday night’s Kids’ Choice Awards, I did spend some time perusing red carpet photos. But, instead of checking out what everyone was wearing, I got totally hung up on the wacky hair color trend that’s happening. Yes, I know this isn’t new, but I still can’t help but comment on it. From Katy Perry’s blue and purple pony to Ashley Tisdale’s burgundy peek-a-boo strands and Kelly Osbourne’s lavender locks, Hollywood seems to be obsessed with Play-Doh-colored strands. I can’t say that I’ve seen an equal number of “real” girls and women sporting these shades, but maybe I’m just hanging with the wrong crowd. Anyway, I want to hear what you have to say on this matter. Do you dig the rainbow hair hues or not? Please share.

Although I’ve just said I’m not sold on trying a wacky color, there are exceptions. For example Alyssa of The Sparkly Life showed off some pink (though in her dark hair the pink translated to more of an orange-y hue) streaks in her dark brown hair yesterday. They were temporary streaks created by using the Kevin Murphy Color Bug, $31.95. Her look is one I can get on board with. Not too over-the-top, but equally as fun with zero commitment.