My Mother’s Day Beauty Wish List

Sunday will mark my first Mother’s Day ever. How weird it’ll be to be one of the women celebrated on this day. Weird, but pretty awesome.

If you’re new to the mom title, you can totally relate to the fact that it’s extremely difficult to squeeze in beautifying. You’re too busy fussing over everyone else. Showering is an accomplishment. Being able to blowout your hair, apply an actual makeup “look” and keep up with brow shaping, bikini line grooming and all of that stuff is pretty much a thing of the past. Am I right?

It’s led me to start fantasizing about beauty products and treatments even more than usual. So, here are the six items I’d treat myself with, if I were doing the shopping…

Tocca-Liliana-EDTNo. 1: Tocca anything.

I’ve been using the new Tocca Crema da Mano Luxe in Bianca, $20, which smells divine – it’s a blend of green tea and lemon – and the tube is gorgeous. But, I’m also hoping get my hands on their newest fragrance, Tocca Liliana Eau de Parfum, $68. It’s inspired by The Great Gatsby (what isn’t these days) and includes notes of Italian bergamot, gardenia, white peony and sandalwood.


No. 2: Watermelon Vodka-Tini Body Duo at The Huntington Spa, $190 (Regularly $240)

This delicious duo, a special treatment the spa is featuring for spring, includes a 30-minute watermelon/basil sugar body scrub followed by an hour-long massage that involves sparkling citrus cilantro lime oil. If that doesn’t sound like heaven, know that the beautiful spa is housed in the fabulous Langham Hotel in Pasadena. I might never come home if this gift comes my way.

Marc Jacobs Honey

No. 3: Marc Jacobs Honey

While this fragrance doesn’t launch until summer, I’m already adding it to my beauty wish list. How can I not. The bottle is seriously cute. Continue reading


10 Reasons Why a Professional Blowout is Worth Splurging On


I was lucky enough to sneak away for a lunchtime blowout at the newest Drybar location in Pasadena, Calif. when it opened last week. And, because my stylist knew I was short on time, she enlisted a teammate to help her finish off my style in record time. Talk about service! Anyway, when I left with a newfound spring in my step, I got to thinking about all of the reasons why spending $35-40 on a professional blowdry is so worth it. Here are 10 reasons why I think you should splurge on a blowout:

1. You don’t have to wash your own hair. (This is something I dread doing and have zero time for now that I have a little one).

2. Not only do you not have to wash your own hair, but you get a relaxing head massage in the process. This visit dropped my stress level a couple of notches, no doubt.

3. If you go to Drybar, you can watch a quality chick flick while you’re getting your hair done. Bonus. Eat Pray Love was on during my visit.

4. Stress relief. I have nearly fallen asleep while having my hair blow dried. It’s seriously relaxing.

5. You can try a style that you wish you could master yourself. I’ve still never been able to create curl in my strands using a round brush alone. I’m am constantly impressed by this.

6. Unlike when you get a cut and/or color, you’re not nearly as nervous that your hair won’t come out the way you hoped. It’s just a blowdry, so even if you’re not thrilled with it, it’s so not permanent. That fact definitely takes a load off.

7. It’s an hour of “me” time. If you’re like me and have an infant at home and a job that keeps you on your toes, finding an hour for yourself is a constant challenge. Being able to sneak away for an hour at lunch and come back looking fabulous is priceless.

8. It’ll warm you up. On a chilly winter day when you just can’t get warm, a hot blowdry is just what you need. Sounds weird, but I’m always cold, so this is a fab fix.

9. You end up with a gorgeous-looking style. Duh. Even if you’re sick of your hair or don’t love your layers, a quality blowout can make you feel better about your strands.

10. The great hair high. Seriously, if your hair looks great, you feel like you can conquer the world. Or at the very least, you’ll have an extra spring in your step.

Now tell me, have you ever splurged on a blowout? Would you and why?