Reader Q: Help Me With Under Eye Concealer

Reader Question: Sometimes when I apply my under-eye concealer it ends up looking worse than before. How can I apply it so it covers my under-eye circles, but doesn’t get into my wrinkles?

Answer: Hey bright-eyes. You’re not alone. Concealer can be the difference between fresh faced and semi-haggered. But, if not used properly, it can actually make you look older by settling in find lines and wrinkles. Ugh, who wants that? But don’t fear, if you have the right information, you’ll look younger and more awake in a snap (or, er, five steps). Naturally, I have those for you. I talked to the best in the biz, Celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, to get her concealer tips.

 Step 1: Find the right formulation. “Liquid concealers tend to have the lightest application while crèmes provide a heavier coverage — this can be tricky though because often the older you get, the more coverage you will require but the more product becomes more visible on the skin,” explains Kashuk. Try something in the middle. Kashuk suggests her All Covered Up Concealer, $10 which gives ample coverage without sitting on skin or settling in pores.

Step 2: Choose the right shade. “Concealer should only be a hair lighter than your skin,” says Kashuk. “Going too light draws attention to problem areas and can look artificial.” She also recommends that if you are going to skip foundation altogether, choose a concealer shade that’s the exact color of your skin so it blends seamlessly.

 Step 3: Start with moisturizer. To apply concealer that looks ultra-professional, always start with a moisturizer and primer. “These products will quench the skin and retexturize it by filling in lines for a better base,” says Kashuk. Try Sonia Kashuk Primer Vitamin Serum, $19.

Step 4: Don’t put concealer on your crows-feet, silly. “Apply it on an as needed basis, spot treating redness and dark circles and use as sheer a coat of concealer as possible to prevent the product from settling into lines,” says Kashuk.

Step 5: If you’re worried about lines around your eyes, stay away from setting powder all together. Yes, it sets concealer in place, but nothing gets in the wrinkles like powder.


Have undereye circles? Read this:

If you’re someone who deals with undereye circles, and I mean serious shadows, this might change your life — or at least make you look more bright-eyed. Clinique just launched Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, $40, the newest addition to their Even Better line of dark-spot reducing, skin correcting products. So, what’s new about this one: Clinique researchers discovered that a large part of the color of dark circles is melanin accumulation. So if you lighten the eye area, making skin tone more even, bye-bye dark circles. The star of this eye cream is the cocktail of ingredients that give long-term benefits like mulberry root and vitamin C to lighten dark circles, anti-irritant ingredients like caffeine and green tea, siegesbeckia orientalis extract to prevent collagen breakdown, and whey protein to strengthen the skin. But that’s not all. It has optic technology that catches the light to diffuse the look of dark circles instantly. Though it’s not a concealer (you can add that after), it has a peachy tint that works on all skin tones to makes dark circles less visible. The fancy silver application tip is fun part. It has a cooling effect while you apply the cream and the massaging action helps improve microcirculation. They recommend using it twice a day, but I personally stash this in my purse and slather it on throughout the day when I felt like my eyes are a little dull or when I’m extra tired. It’s officially edging out lip balm as my obsessive compulsive go-to.

How do you treat undereye circles? With skin care products or concealer?

– Carrie Stern Kleiner