My Favorite Long-Lasting Lip Color of All Time (and a Bargain Swap You Must Try)

Bold lip colors are my jam (proof in the photos above). I wear them often, so finding lipstick, lip pencil and lip crayon formulas that really stay put are a favorite past time. Especially now that I have fine lines showing up around my mouth — a result of drinking out of a straw all the time (a habit I’ve recently kicked).

I was reminded of my favorite long-lasting lip color of all time (I’ve tested hundreds over the years, so this is saying something) when my aunt Jill recently texted me for advice. She needed a reco on which brand and formula to pick. One that would last and last. Without hesitation I suggested this one from Nars. It doesn’t budge or dry out lips like many other long-lasting formulas do. But, immediately after sending her off to spend $26 on a product she had never personally tried, I had a second thought. Maybe she’d want a more affordable version of a lip crayon before going full Nars. That’s when this one from Sonia Kashuk popped into my mind. A quick trip to Target and $7.99 is all she’d need to a great new shade that would last.

Before she makes her final decision, I thought I’d have you guys weigh in. Have you tried either of these? Tell aunt Jill what you think of each or share a new fave altogether. Comment below.

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