Do You Read Beauty Product Labels? I Do and These Are My Latest Finds Based on Ingredients Alone

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I’m back. You probably didn’t realize I was gone, but I was. Well, not really. I wasn’t on some lavish vacation or taking time off to have another kid (that would have been a good excuse!). I’ve just been working too hard at my full-time gig and on being a mom and wife to squeeze in time for my other love – beauty. I always thought I was one of those women who could do it all, but this year I’ve been rocked by the realization that it’s just not possible — no matter how hard I try. To be fair, it might actually be possible, but if you’re doing it all, you’re probably not doing it all … well. Or you’ll never feel like you’re doing it well, anyway. I sure didn’t, so something (other than my sanity) had to give.

What I realized in my time off though is that I need the creative outlet beauty and this blog gives me, along with the few minutes to myself that I’d otherwise give away. So here I am, attempting to get back into action one hair makeover and lipstick post at a time.

In my time away I’ve had so many beauty ideas I’ve wanted to share, but I’ll offer up one at a time for the sake of space, and your precious time.

First up: Natural beauty products. Last Friday, WWD (the bible for fashion and beauty industry peeps) reported that nearly 60 percent of women read beauty product labels today – this according to The Green Beauty Barometer study, which was conducted by natural beauty brand Kari Gran (a brand I’m dying to try and have a full shopping cart with).

I’m one of the 60 percent. Are you? I read labels to look for both good and bad ingredients. Ingredients that I know will help ditch my zitty face problem like sulfur and benzoyl peroxide along with awesome skin-quenching hydrators like hyaluronic acid, and even chemical-free sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. But I also look out for the not-so-good ingredients like parabens, fragrance (I’m sensitive) and other potentially toxic items I choose to avoid from time to time. I’m definitely not a purist when it comes to avoiding potentially toxic ingredients unless I’m pregnant. But I do like to be aware of what I’m putting on my body.

I have decided just in the last week though that I do want to minimize the amount of potentially toxic ingredients I’m slathering on, so I’ve been reading labels like crazy. Here’s the list of items I’m swapping a few of my current products with:

Juice Beauty Oil-Free SPF 30 MoisturizerJuice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

I’ve used this consistently in the past, but gave it up for no good reason. It’s free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates and artificial dyes and fragrances. And it protects skin with zinc oxide. And in case you didn’t know, Gwyneth Paltrow just partnered with Juice Beauty to help develop an organic makeup collection, which will launch later in 2015. Can’t wait for that!

Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing OilBurt’s Bees Cleansing Oil

I’ve been reading a ton about how coconut oil is really great for acne-prone skin, so I couldn’t resist picking this 100 percent natural cleansing oil up on my latest trip to Target. It contains both coconut oil and argan oil.

Keri Gran Mineral MakeupKari Gran Everything

I’m just totally enamored with oil-based line and I haven’t even laid a hand on it yet. All of the products contain natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients that don’t include parabens and are housed in gorgeous glass bottles. That’s why I’m going to try the KG Mineral Makeup System. It’s offers up a great sampling of both their skin care and makeup. That way I can try it all without splurging on full-sized products.

Frank Body Coconut Body ScrubFrank Body Coconut Body Scrub

I’m clearly having a coconut moment, but this product and brand is just too cute and delicious-smelling to pass up. This scrub contains only coffee, water, coconut fruit, coconut oil, grape seed oil, salt, sugar, jojoba beads, natural fragrance and vitamin E. I can only imagine how fantastic it smells. Need it now.

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