The 2015 "People's Choice Awards" Beauty Moment I Can't Stop Thinking About

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After watching Wednesday night’s 2015 People’s Choice Awards (well, the portion I could stay awake for) and perusing photos, you’d think I’d want to talk about a gorgeous red lipstick (loved Olivia Munn’s shade) or another vampy hue like the one Katherine Mcphee sported, but no. What caught my eye the most on the red carpet was Monica Potter (one of my favorite TV moms, and someone I’ve been a fan of since she starred in 1998’s Without Limits along side Billy Crudup). Her whole being. She is practically ageless. She has a knock-out body and her skin looks as smooth as butter. It’s glowing and nearly wrinkle free. Not bad for someone who joked about being over 40 while presenting the award for best rap artist. She’s 44 — and a mother of three. And while you might attribute her flawlessness to photoshop, great lighting or fab post-production film work, that’s just not the case. My sister recently sat near her on a plane ride and said she looked “amazing”. First-hand proof that she is as stunning as she appears on TV.

So it, of course, got me thinking about how’s she’s managed to age so well, and after trolling the web I came to these conclusions:

1. She’s big on skin care and even whips up her own beauty products, like this sensitive skin balm.

2. She loves to laugh. “If you didn’t know, laughing is one of my favorite pastimes, and I mean gut-wrenching, snort-inducing, bordering-on-painful fits of laughter,” which she wrote on her blog. Yes, she has a blog. It’s called Mrs. Potter.

3. She has a go-to cosmetics brand. “I absolutely love the line By Terry—they have beautiful palettes and it all smells like roses,” something she stated in the “Ask Away” column on her blog. We share the love for By Terry products. I heart their concealer and blush.

4. She enjoys the great outdoors. “I love being outside—I love hiking with my kids and I’m taking them camping in Yosemite this Spring. It’s a great release and works wonders for the body, mind and spirit. …And I also love white water rafting.”

5. She takes a bit of time for herself. “I take a bath with my oils and salts, and I just sit there. Or else I read,” she said in a recent Good Housekeeping interview.

Which look did you find most memorable from the 2015 People’s Choice Awards?

Image: Just Jarred

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