The Revlon Lipstick We're Obsessed With (And Happens to Look Great on Everyone)

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revlon ultra hd lipstick photos

Carrie (my blogging partner and BFF) and I got to spend a little more than an hour together last week, which was better than nothing, but far from the amount of time we really needed to catch up. The first thing I noticed whe

n I saw her smiling face? Her vibrant red lipstick. Her and her sister Courtney were both wearing the same hue. I had to have it.

Apparently, Carrie had the same reaction when she first caught sight of the lip color, too. A stunning woman at her gym was wearing the shade while doing Pilates. Yes, she was exercising whilst wearing red lips. Pretty fabulous, eh?

Anyway, after repeatedly seeing the lipstick on this woman, she decided she had to know what it was. The woman’s answer: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Poppy. Carrie bought it immediately and popped one in her sister’s Christmas stocking. I sought it out soon after my meet up with Carrie and have been wearing it since. It’s a perfect, bright, neutral red lipstick shade that looks great on all of us — and that fierce woman at the gym.


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