Feed Your Beauty Brain "Beauty Rewind" by Taylor Chang-Babaian

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Beauty Rewind by Taylor Chang-Babaian

From creating a natural face-lift with makeup to concealing bruises, moles and more, my friend and talented makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian, has filled 176 pages of her latest book with tried and true makeup tricks for every woman from 20-something to 60 plus.

“Beauty Rewind: A Makeup Guide to Looking Your Best at Any Age”. Perigee Hardcover, 2014, $27.50 is Chang-Babaian’s third makeup book and one you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Not only is it jampacked with makeup tips, but it also boasts thoughtful advice from dermatologists, stylists and fitness experts. (Chang-Babaian is a triathlete herself, so she knows how closely connected fitness is to beauty, and how important both are to your overall well-being and appearance).

My favorite part of the book (in addition to the natural face-lift tricks — they seriously work) is the “100 Quick Tips to Look Younger”. These are quickie statements to live by. Things like: “Darken your foundation”, “Shorten your nails”, “Pluck, don’t wax, your brows”, “Minimize bottom eyeliner,” “Add pink to your cheeks or lips,” and so many more. It’s a must-read for any beauty-minded gal.

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