NYFW Runway vs. My Way: Silver Mirage Manicure

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creatures of the wind new york fashion week silver nails

Today’s New York Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2015) beauty look is inspired by the Creatures of the Wind show. Butter London Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, created this insanely-simple-to-replicate silver nail that was inspired by a mirage. It’s essentially a deconstructed manicure. Fantastic in all of its imperfections. She did that intentionally to prevent the sparkly silver nail color from looking “too costume-y”. I recreated it because it’s pretty much the ideal style of manicure or nail art for my busy lifestyle. I did this look in about three minutes. No joke. Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Apply a base coat. Hughes used Butter London Nail 999 Rescue Basecoat, $40 (for the base and top coat set), and I used Zoya Anchor Base Coat, $10.

Step 2: Without loading up too much polish on your brush, use a metallic silver polish to haphazardly swipe the top three-quarters of your nails. This is not a french manicure, no need to be precise. Hughes used a new Butter London Nail Lacquer — called Full Steam Ahead — which will be available in November. I used CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Silver Chrome.

Step 3: Apply a platinum polish (Hughes used Butter London Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer, $15) with a finger to create an ombre fade for a super modern finish. Note: I skipped this step because it was late and I needed my nails to try in seconds before bed. It would have looked much cooler with it, but I think it came pretty close without.

Step 4: Finish nails with a top coat like Butter London Nail 999 Topcoat, $40 (for the base and top coat set). Again, for the sake of drying time, I skipped this step as well. If you want the look to last, use a top coat.

If you missed yesterday’s orange lips, check them out now. 

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