New York Fashion Week Runway vs. My Way: Orange Lip Color

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Orange Lip Athleta New York Fashion Week Spring 2015


While I decided to opt out of hitting up New York Fashion Week this season, I’m still following each and every show. Well, as many as I can possibly keep up with, anyway. And, in lieu of bringing you beauty tips collected after elbowing my way backstage during all of the chaos, I’ll be showing off looks I’ve recreated based on the makeup and hairstyles created by the high fashion beauty geniuses.

First up: orange(ish) lips. Makeup artist Talia Shobrook created a bold and stunning makeup look for the Athleta show. This edgy, yet sporty look is so fresh and totally wearable. While Shobrook used the Temptu Beauty AIRpod Blush in Clementine, $30 to create a stunning bold orange lip, I created my own rendition using the Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Coy, $16.20. The shade I used had a bit more of a reddish-orange hue, which complemented my cooler-toned skin better than a true orange would have.

2 Replies to “New York Fashion Week Runway vs. My Way: Orange Lip Color”

  1. i personally like orange lip colors with red undertones as it compliments me better as well .

    i have yellow undertones & i feel like true orange lip colors make me look sallow .

    looking forward to seeing your recreations ! 🙂

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