Easter Nail Art

While I’ve already decided to sport a solid nail polish hue for my easter manicure (details coming soon), I love this multi-layered, tie-dyed easter egg-inspired nail art that the fabulous Jin Soon Choi cooked up. Here’s how she did it:

Step 1: File and shape your nails into a natural square or roundish shape.

Step 2: Apply a base coat. Try JINsoon Power Coat, $18

Step  3: Apply a coat of JINsoon Dolly Pink, $18 on the entire nail bed.

Step 4: Apply JINsoon Poppy Blue, $18 about two-thirds of the way from the top of the nail to the cuticle area, creating a few curved lines as you reach the base of the nail.

Step 5: Finish by applying Formula X for Sephora Seismic, $10.50 over the Poppy Blue in the same way you applied Poppy Blue.

Step 6: Finish with high-shine top coat. Try JINsoon Top Gloss, $18.


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