sam villa blowoutsSam and I were lucky enough to have the experts at Sam Villa (they just opened a training-focused blowdry bar in Las Vegas) blowout our hair while we were in New York City. And, we picked up a few handy tricks for getting a better blowdry at home from Andrew Carruthers, the education director for Sam Villa.

No. 1: Start your hairstyling process when your hair is soaking wet if you have stubborn cowlicks.

No. 2: Though it may seem more timing consuming, section out your hair. Carruthers swears it’s the one major difference between what they do in a salon and what we do at home. Even four large sections will make a huge difference.

No. 3: Don’t always go for the hottest blowdryer or blowdryer setting. More heat doesn’t equal smoother hair, and too much heat can strip hair of precious, hydrating oils.

No. 4: The next time you have your hair cut, ask your stylist what your ideal hair product cocktail is. If they’re familiar with your hair and you love how your hair looks after they style it, you’ll want to know what products they’re using and the order in which they apply them. And, if you start the conversation, it won’t feel like they’re trying to sell you product. They’re experts, so take advantage of that and pick their brains.

No. 5: When it comes to brushes, a paddle-style brush will be the easiest to control. Go for a 100 percent boar bristle brush if your hair has texture or opt for a brush with a medal core if hair is fine (just be sure “not to put too much tension on the brush or fine hair will fall flat,” urges Carruthers).

No. 6: If finishing with hairspray, spray it in the direction you want your flyaways to go in order to really help tame them, says Carruthers.

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