em-holiday-life-new-years-countdown-editionIt’s not even Thanksgiving and the holiday party invitations have started to roll in — cue my boundless excitement for the upcoming season! Being very pregnant right now, I’m not so worried about what to wear — I have one silk dress and that’s plenty. I’m most fired up about what hair and makeup looks I’ll sport. My go-to makeup for the season will be Michelle Phan’s new and gorgeous makeup line EM. Phan combines her amazing tutorials that we’ve mentioned before here, with her own line of beautifully curated and high-quality makeup. The EM Life Palette, Holiday Life: New Year’s Countdown Edition, $29 (above) is the perfect party mix. You get everything you need for a complete party-ready look: six gorgeous shadows, a blush and two lip colors. I love the dramatic mix of gold, plum and smokey brown shades with my favorite-of-the-season deep wine lip. And the best part is her easy step-by-step video how-to on the EM website that shows you exactly how to use the products to get a sultry and dramatic makeup look. Party on!

Are you more experimental more with your holiday makeup or do you like to keep it simple?

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