Video: Create Lively, Playful “Ruched” Curls

I had the opportunity to try out the new Kerastase Couture Styling products — the muse for the collection is Kate Moss, if that tells you anything — when the company challenged me to recreate playful, sexy curls using four key Kerastase products. They call the style “Ruched Curls” (check out their video for the style here). Watch the video to see how the products worked and my final results after using the products, tips from Kerastase artistic director Nina Dimachki and a diffuser. If you’re a diffuser newbie, you might just pick up some helpful diffusing tips, too.

After using these products for a few days, I can confidently say that they are keepers. My testing phase is done, and I’ve cleared a few other hairstyling products out of my medicine cabinet to make room for these. That’s not something I do on the regular. They smell fantastic, like fresh-out-of-the-salon hair (not fruity or perfume-y, just clean and fabulous). And my long waves have never looked better.

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