Traveling Soon? Benefit’s Got Your Beauty Needs Covered

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benefit airport kiosk

Not sure about you, but almost every time I travel I forget something. On my last trip, it was concealer. Not a product my dark circles and breakouts can do without. I didn’t have a car once I made it to my destination, so I had no easy way to hit the nearest drugstore or mall.

I’m sure that’s why the geniuses at Benefit decided to cook up a seriously adorable airport kiosk call Glam Up and Away. How cute is this kiosk? Even if I’m not in a pinch and need to replace a product I’ve forgotten, I’ll still make a stop by this kiosk just for fun. But, it would have come in really handy when I needed that concealer. The first one just opened in Austin, Tex. but they plan to open 24 more by the end of the year, according to Women’s Wear Daily. That includes one at JFK, which I’ll be heading to in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it’ll be there when I arrive. I’ll no doubt need mascara (the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, $23, perhaps) or something else I’ve left behind.

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