Reader Beauty Q: My Foundation Slips Right Off. What Am I Doing Wrong?

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make-up-for-ever-hd-foundation-kitQuestion: “I recently invested in the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ‘kit’ (for an extra $30 I received a good sized sample of primer and setting powder). I know this foundation is AMAZING and I’m using it per the directions and tips from the Sephora gals, but I’m really not satisfied. Knowing this product is fantastic and my skill level is … well … extremely amateur, I’m thinking it’s me. I wash, moisturize, prime, stipple foundation & blend then apply powder. However after 3-4 hours my face is extremely shiny and looks wet — and the foundation comes off as though I’ve just applied it when I brush my skin with anything (Kleenex, my fingers, hubby’s shirt sleeve).

I’ve tried changing up moisturizers, not using primer, using more primer, using more/less powder … I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.” — Jessica

Answer: To help Jessica get to the bottom of her slippery foundation issue, I enlisted Make Up For Ever’s managing educator Jessie Powers. If anyone knows how to use the Make Up For Ever products, she does. According to Powers, “It sounds like [Jessica] might have oilier skin.” Unfortunately, Jessica, that means you might not be using the right products for your skin type. Here are the application tips and products that Powers says will help you (and anyone else with this issue) get flawless-looking skin that lasts:

  • Apply one to two pumps of Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer, $35. “Use fingertips to massage it into the skin,” says Powers.
  • “Apply Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation, $42 with a sponge instead of a brush or fingers. Press the foundation into the skin so it really adheres to the surface,” she adds.
  • Swap your Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder, $34 with the Make Up For Ever Super Mat Loose Powder, $28. “Use it to set the foundation. This is the really important part because the HD Powder is just going to slightly mattify, but it does not set the makeup. Setting powder needs talc to really hold makeup in place,” says Powers.
  • To apply the loose powder, “get a dime-sized amount of loose powder on the [included] puff, fold the puff in half and rub the sides together to distribute the powder evenly.  Then apply the powder by pressing the puff into the skin with a rocking motion. The pressing motion will help set and lock liquid makeup in place,” says Powers.
  •  Finish by buffing a little HD Microfinish Powder on top, she adds.

If the above steps alone don’t help your foundation last or look less shiny, “you may want to look for a foundation that is more geared toward oily skin or high humidity climates. Often times, just finding the best formula for your skin type will do the trick,” says Powers. She recommends Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation, $36.

2 Replies to “Reader Beauty Q: My Foundation Slips Right Off. What Am I Doing Wrong?”

  1. Jessica here, first I’m amazed by you BEOC! you knock my socks off! Second I’m flabbergasted at what a wonderful company Make-Up Forever is! I received the foundation AND powder mentioned in this post, along with the matte primer.
    I’ve followed the advice above and man, there’s a difference. My makeup lasts at least 12 hours and I no longer battle slippery shine.
    Thanks for taking care of me so well!!

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