Twisted Tuesday: Side French Braid with a Twist

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Side French Braid With a Twist

side braid with a twist a photo (11)

Today’s braided hairstyle was inspired by a waitress at Babica Hen Cafe in Lake Oswego, Ore. — their waffles are to die for, by the way. Anyway, I thought the hairstyle was super cute and totally practical for a day of work — whether you work in a restaurant or an office. It’s a more modern way to sport a French braid. It’s a lot less polygamy compound wife-looking than your standard, straight-down-the-middle braid. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Create a side part.

Step 2: Twist the front (bang) section of your hair — on the same side of your part — toward the back of your head. Secure with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Start regular French braiding the opposite side of your head. You’ll want to keep the braid closer to your hairline than the back of your head. Continuing braiding your hair until all of your remaining hanging hair is added.

Step 4: Regular braid your hair to the ends and secure with a tiny clear elastic.

2 Replies to “Twisted Tuesday: Side French Braid with a Twist”

  1. This is really cute! I wish I had long enough hair to braid like this, but unfortunately I have layers in my hair, meaning I would need a million bobby pins to keep the shorter pieces from falling in my face. I’m jealous.

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