Problem Solver of the Week: Bite It The Easy Way To Stop Nail Biting

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The ProductBite It The Easy Way To Stop Nail Biting, $4.99

Why: I married a nail biter. His habit started in Junior High School and continues to this day. That’s a lie. He didn’t actually bite all day yesterday. A small miracle.

The only reason he didn’t bite was because he had this polish on his nails. He’s tried a ton of these nail biting prevention products in the past, but none of them have worked as well as this one. He used it for a while a few years back and it was the longest he’d ever gone without biting. Then he ran out. We finally tracked down the product again recently and it’s working!

He applies it just like any ol’ polish. He lets it dry for a couple of minutes and that’s it! You can’t even tell he has it on — it’s not shiny, thank goodness.

Here’s what the hubby says about it: “The second you put your fingers to your mouth, it shoots an instant message to your brain. It tastes like you just bit into a lemon, but one with a terrible taste that lingers in your mouth for a couple minutes. That’s what keeps you from putting your fingers in your mouth again soon after. Others I’ve tried did not provide that sensation, and I’d just bite right through the bad taste they gave.”

If you have a nail biter in your life, you might want to try it. Another trade secret I’ve heard is to carry around a nail clipper. Every time you have an uneven nail or hanging piece of skin you’re tempted to bite, you just clip it off instead of biting. Jan Arnold, Co-Founder of the nail brand CND and former nail biter shared that nifty tip. I think it’s a keeper.

Are you a former nail biter? How did you finally kick the habit? Hoping my better half will read the comments and learn.

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