When it comes to sunscreen, I’ve been like a mad scientist, testing, reading and researching — what ingredients are safe, which ones work, what feels good on my skin, and most importantly, which ones my kids will let me apply. Just in time for my August beach getaway, here are my top picks:

coola_cucumber_face-sunscreenWHAT: Coola Classic Sunscreen Face, SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer, $32

WHY: I need sunblock that I can apply in the morning under my makeup that absorbs quickly and won’t leave a white or greasy film.

I LOVE IT BEACUSE: It uses ingredients that are organic, sustainable and locally sourced, much like the foods we prefer to eat. It’s anti-aging, free of Oxybenzone (a controversial sunscreen ingredient), and very light. Oh, and it works great for walking around the city all day.

badger-balm-sportWHAT: Badger Balm Sport Sunscreen Cream SPF 35, $16

WHY: I want the safest ingredients for my kids’ baby skin and this all-natural sunscreen really protects. The kids don’t seem to care about the white film it leaves — and boy is this stuff sticks so it’s really difficult to rub in (the biggest downside to natural zinc sunscreens).

I LOVE IT BECAUSE: It blocks the sun naturally using non-nano zinc oxide, providing broad-spectrum protection without harsh chemicals.

supergoop-sunscreen-mistWHAT: Supergoop Sunscreen Mist with Viatamin C Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $13

WHY: When I’m in a hurry, or my kids are fighting me about putting on sunscreen, nothing is easier than spritzing them with this aerosol-free mist.

I LOVE IT BECAUSE: It’s fast, easy, Oxybenzone-free and easy to hit all angles of your body. Full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, it’s amazing at hydrating skin.

tickle-time-mineral-powder-sunscreenWHAT: Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunbock, $35

WHY: When I need a touchup on my face mid-day I like to dust on a mineral powder sunscreen — it’s seriously so easy.

I LOVE IT BECAUSE: It’s good for wearing over makeup and also absorbs oil that accumulates by lunchtime. And made of only four minerals: micronized titanium dioxide (for sun protection), bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide (for their natural anti-inflammatory properties), and iron oxides (for color without chemical dyes). These minerals aren’t absorbed into the skin — they sit on top of the surface of your skin, so it isn’t passed into your system.

What sunscreen do you wear?

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