Twisted Tuesday: Romantic Headband Braid

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This casual, boho braid can be done in minutes. It’s great for all hair lengths and is especially perfect if you’re trying to grow out your bangs. I’ve been rocking it because I have a lovely (insert sarcastic tone) halo of hair regrowth around my hairline after having a baby. The tight headband braid keeps the unruly hairs completely hidden. Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Create a side part.

Step 2: French braid (check out this video If you’re still trying to master the French braid) the front two inches of hair on one side of your part. Keep the braid very close to your hairline as you continue the braid to your ear.

Side note: I left a small section of hair in front of my ears hanging loose. This makes the look a bit softer and gives it a more lived-in vibe.

Step 3: Once you reach your ear, regular braid the section down to the ends. Secure with a small clear elastic.

Step 4: Repeat the French braid process on the opposite side of your part.

Step 5: Once you’ve braided the ends of your second section, bring the two braids together in the back of your head. Secure the second braid to the first with another clear elastic.


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