Problem Solver of the Week: Salon Series by Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment

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Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp TreatmentThe Product: Salon Series by Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Hair & Scalp Treatment, $36

Why: Not going to lie, the fact that this product clearly stated on the tube that it was an exfoliating hair and scalp treatment scared me a bit. A scrub for my … scalp. Weird. Would all of the grainy bits get stuck in my long hair? Ick.

Well, when my scalp felt kinda itchy and dirty — I don’t wash my hair often since it’s super dry and I have zero time for beautifying these days — I figured I didn’t have much to lose. I gave it a try. And I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by it. After shampooing my hair, I used a generous amount of the scrub and spent a few minutes massaging it on my scalp. It has a nice natural, plant-like scent and the scrubbing action felt like a nice treat. Well, like a body scrub, but for my head. And, the little grains seemed to rinse right out of my long hair without much problem. After conditioning my hair, there wasn’t a grain left in sight. That immediately made me change my mind about the idea of using a scrub on my scalp regularly.

The best part is that my scalp felt so clean and build-up free afterward. It was almost singing it was so fresh and clean feeling — not that a scalp can sing. It totally got rid of my itchy, dirty scalp problem and left me wanting more. I will use this over and over again. Anytime my scalp needs a nice deep cleaning.

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