A New Hair Tie That Might Change Your Life

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scünci-evolution-hair-tiesSince I wear my hair up almost every day, I love a good ponytail holder — one that really works. I’ve tried almost all varieties, but I’ve recently discovered a game changer: Scünci No Slip Grip Evolution Elastics, $3 (14 pack). The practically break-proof silicone held my hair through a vigorous Soul Cycle spin class and also held the tiny end of my braid just as well. Resembling the jelly bracelets of my youth makes me love them even more (though, alas, they are too tight to actually wear as a bracelet). Since they are more sticky than your regular elastic, make sure to roll them off instead of tug — they can pull hair if you don’t do it gently.

What’s your favorite hair holder?

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