The Do-It-Yourself Pedicure For Gals Who Are Terrible At Do-It-Yourself Pedicures

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carrie-pedicure-finishedMany years ago, I picked up a practically fool-proof trick to polishing toes yourself that gives a completely professional look. Instead of spending time painting your toes perfectly, stroke-by-stroke, try this:

carrie-messy-pedicureStep 1: I know it looks gory, but trust me, it works! Take your polish and slather it all over your nail, and around the outside in one thick goop. Yes, that’s right, go outside the lines. This ensures that all the edges are covered.

Step 2: Add a second coat to get full color saturation. But skip the top coat (you can add that later).

Step 3: Let the polish dry completely. This works best with fully dry polish so I recommend letting it set overnight.

Step 4: In the morning or the next day, take a warm bath and soak feet in the hot water to soften the polish on the skin so it comes off easily.

carrie-removing-excess-polishStep 5: Take an orange nail stick and trace the shape of the nail, peeling off the polish on the skin.

Step 6: Add a clear top coat for protection and shine.

carrie-finished-pedicureWhat’s left is a perfectly pedicured nail. Voilá!

A quick word of caution, in my experience, this works best with dark or bright shades, so steer clear of nude and soft pinks.

Do you give yourself a pedicure?

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