Twisted Tuesday: Braided Coil

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For today’s braided hairstyle, I wanted to try a new take on the braided bang look. It’s a little bit more daring than the classic braided style you’ve seen on almost every A-list celebrity, but still wearable (in my opinion). Here’s how I did it…

Step 1: Style your hair as usual.

Step 2: Create a deep(ish) side part.

Step 3: French braid the front inch of your hair — but instead of adding hair on both sides of the braid, you’ll only add hair from the side closest to your hairline. The braid should start at your part and end at your temple. Once you reach your temple, regular braid the length of the hair in that section. Secure the ends with an elastic.

Step 4: Wrap the tail of the little braid around into a coil shape and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. That’s it!

Did you miss last week’s braid? It’s not too late to check out the halo braid how-to.

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