For The Love Of Lipstick: Part Two

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bite-lipstick-potsI got to make my own lipstick — it was just as fun as it sounds. Bite Beauty, the cult-favorite lipstick line that was previously only sold only in Sephora and on, opened up a make-your-own lipstick shop called Bite Lip Lab. This custom lipstick heaven/laboratory carries Bite’s extensive ready to wear line of amazing lipsticks, glosses and pencils (all are all free of parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, and phosphates, and boosted with resveritrol), but they also cater to those who want a more bespoke experience. You can make your own shade. And it’s only $28. How cool is that?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Decide what shade you’re looking for: I was in need of an awesome orange-red as well as a pretty and wearable nude.

Step 2. Try on the mixes: Create the perfect shade based on the 25 pots of colors made from existing shades (see above). They can be mixed together or even made sheer.

bite-lipstick-redFor my red, I found a mix of two existing shades Apricot and Cin Cin.

bite-lipstick-nudeFor the nude, this was the perfect mix for me.

3. Choose a fragrance from superfruit, peppermint, violet and cherry. I went with peppermint for my nude and violet for my red.

bite-lipstick-cooling-plate4. Watch the magic happen. They melt the pigments that make up your shade, then place it in a high-powered mixer (think paint mixer for lipstick). Then they pour the pigment into lipstick bullet molds.

bite-lipstick-bullet5. Wait five minutes for the lipstick to cool on cooling plates. Then, voilá! Lipstick. They pull it out and slide it into a snazzy tube and you have your very own, personalized lipstick.

Since you have to be in New York for the experience (for now, at least), if you’re local, check out the shop at 174 Prince Street in Soho, New York. If you aren’t, check out for existing shades that are sure to wow you. They sold me.

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