Road Trip Beauty Find: Pretty Tahoe Natural Deodorant

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Pretty Tahoe Natural Deodorant

Last week I escaped the Los Angeles area for Truckee, Calif. (basically the Lake Tahoe area). One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to pick up local beauty products. On this trip I stumbled upon Pretty Tahoe Natural Deodorant, $8. Not necessarily a glamorous beauty product to try, but an essential one, for sure. And, as I’ve mentioned in previous deodorant posts, these days I only wear natural deodorants. I’m breastfeeding after all, so I figure it’s safer to stick to the chemical-free stuff.

Unlike some of the other natural deodorants I’ve tried, this one (which is made locally in Truckee, Calif.) is more of a creamy balm deodorant. You scoop out a dime-sized dollop of the stuff and swipe it under your arms. The fragrance I chose is a fantastic, and subtle, lavender mint scent. Fresh and natural-smelling. It definitely doesn’t have the crunchy, hippie vibe you might expect from a totally natural beauty product. That’s due to the fact that the base is made of coconut oil.

I’ve been wearing it for about a week and it’s quickly becoming my new favorite. Scooping the product out of the tin is actually less cumbersome than I thought it might be.

One warning though, it will melt if you leave it in a warm area, so beware.

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