Celebrate Earth Month 2013 With A Candle That Gives Back

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aveda-light-the-way-candleApril is Earth Month and there is no better time then now to focus your attention on beauty products that give back to the environment. Aveda has the right idea with the Aveda Light The Way Candle, $12. When you buy this candle, with a Madagascar-inspired aroma, blended with 100% certified organic essential oils including vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang, all sourced from Madagascar, Aveda will donate 100% of the proceeds to Global Greengrants Fund, a non-profit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve pressing environmental problems. “Aveda’s support makes an enormous difference to Global Greengrants Fund and our goal of creating a sustainable world,” said Global Greengrants Fund Executive Director, Terry Odendahl. “Partnering with local communities, we have protected over 700 watersheds, lakes and rivers, and have supported over 20,000 women working for clean water in their communities. All of this is made possible by the sale of Light the Way Candles, and the salon owners who participate. This is definitely a smell-good/feel-good kind of purchase. What’s better than that?

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