Monochromatic Shadow? Yes Please.

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monochromatic eyesTell me if this sounds familiar: You found that one perfect eye shadow shade that you wear non-stop, but wish it came in, say sparkly for special occasions, or simple matte for daytime. Sonia Kashuk had you in mind when she created Sonia Kashuk Monochrome Eye Quad, $14.

sonia-kashuk-monochrome It’s a palette with four versions of the same shade — velvety matte, subtle shimmer, metallic sheen and sparkle — that can be worn alone or combined to give you just the right effect. It comes in the pretty and wearable neutrals, Coco, Mauve, Rose and Taupe. I’ve been wearing Coco and using the matte on my lid up to the crease, with the metallic on the inner corner. Then I’ll dust the glitter on over the matte to switch it up when I’m going out for the night.

Do you like different textures or do you stick with the same?

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