Totally Obsessed With The Smashbox “Love Me” Collection

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smashbox-love-me-eye-shadow-paletteWorld-renowned artist Curtis Kulig tags his signature message, “Love Me” all over the world — his spray paint is currently pretty-ing up a dark scaffold down the street from my apartment. Isn’t it gorgeous?

curtis-kulig-scaffoldThankfully you can bring his message home and into your makeup bag courtesy of Smashbox. Their collaboration resulted in this super-pretty and totally wearable Smashbox Love Me Eye Shadow Palette, $34, that includes 5 highly pigmented, blendable shadows. It’s comes in Admire Me, a soft pink and brown version and Entice Me, a slightly more edgy style with blues and purples. If you still can’t get enough, he’s also collaborating with Happy Socks. Adorable.

2 Replies to “Totally Obsessed With The Smashbox “Love Me” Collection”

  1. Hi, I know this is random & sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if that ‘love me’ work is still on that scaffold? I’ve been trying to hunt it down, but I haven’t been able to locate it…

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