Q: Is There Cat Eye That's Modern, Not Retro?

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-cat-eye-1Question: I love the look of a cat eye with liquid liner, but I’m afraid when I do it, I’ll look too 60’s — like I’m playing dress up.  Any ideas how to make it more “now”? – Sarah

Answer: A cat eye can be tricky, especially when you try to figure out how far to flick out the line and at what angle. The cat eye is a HUGE trend showing up all over the Fall 2013 shows, so it’s a good time to practice up.

At the Lauren Moffatt presentation, makeup artist Samantha Trinh for Kevyn Aucoin created the perfect-for-everyday cat eye, set against dark brows, sculpted cheeks and a nude lip. It was inspired by the 60’s — a combination of Sofia Lauren and Mod — with a futuristic twist that keeps the angle straight, not curved up at the sides. Too thick or too winged can date you, says Trinh. The key is to keep the line very thin. Here’s how to get the look in six steps:

Step 1: Take any liquid liner pen or pot liner, and apply on to the back of your hands to make an ink palette (Trinh used Kevyn Aucoin Precision Liquid Liner in Black, $32).

Step 2: Using a flat or angled brush, dab, using tiny dips, a super thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner. This gives you more control than a pen and keeps the line from growing thicker and thicker as you paint.

lauren-moffatt-cat-eye-3Step 3: While looking straight ahead, not down, continue this line just past the end of your eye.

Step 4: Draw a very thin “V” between the outer edge of the top line and the corner of the bottom lower lashes. Again, this makes the cat eye look ultra modern.

muji-thin-cotton-swabsStep 5: Take a q tip and clean up the line. Try Muji Thin Cotton Swabs, $4, to get a precise fix.

Step 6: Apply mascara to the top lashes (Trinh used a combo of Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara, $25 and Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara, $25). Then dab a tiny bit of mascara on the tips of your lower lashes. Too much can create a shadow effect and make you look tired.

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