taylor-tomasi-hill-red-hairThe one thing all redheads — the ones that aren’t lucky enough to be natural — complain about is fading, fading and more fading. You leave the salon with rich, vibrant red hair, and then watch it rinse down the drain with your first shampoo. This is what Pureology intends to change with the launch of the Pureology Reviving Red System of a shampoo, conditioner, oil, and color enhancers.

pureology-reviving-redAll the products are oil-based, not to be confused with oily, to give hair nutrients, seal color in and prevent fading. Highlights of the collection are the Reviving Red Shampo’Oil, $29, that delivers four times the active ingredients to replenish the protective lipid layer and seal the cuticle, and the Reviving Red Reflect Enhancers, $40, little vials of color depositing conditioners (they come in copper or red, red), that you use once a week to bump up color. This is as brilliant as your red will be.

Would you go red if it were easier to maintain?

image: via notorious-mag.com

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