Q: Can someone teach me how to apply makeup?

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applying-makeupQuestion: As a fresh-faced teen, I skipped the hours in front of the mirror playing with makeup, but now as an adult, I’d love to learn the basics. Where can I start?

Answer: Makeup counters can be a wealth of information and many offer free makeup application and low-priced tutorials, but don’t lose sight of their main goal: to sell you makeup. I mean they work on commission, right? For a pressure-free lesson, look for a local makeup artist — the kind that does weddings or works in a salon — who offers one-on-one classes. They typically change $100 and up, but if they don’t have a commitment to any specific brand, you will receive an unbiased and honest opinion about what products are right for you and how to get the specific looks you want. In New York, makeup artist Raychel Wade founded Cheek to Chic, a makeup consulting firm that’s mission is to give clients unbiased information and expert-guided makeup application and organization. She offers a Makeup 101 class, $225 that teaches you what makeup you need, where to spend your money and what colors that are right for you. If spending time and money on a class isn’t your thing, try an online tutorial. Michelle Phan, a you-tube phenom and makeup artist, offers awesome and easy to follow how-to’s.

How did you learn to apply your makeup?

2 Replies to “Q: Can someone teach me how to apply makeup?”

  1. Youtube!! I HATE having a someone from a counter (or the equivalent of) put make up on me. I’ve had it done three times, and each time, it came out horrible. It was also demeaning — the Too Faced rep at Sephora told me that since I don’t have any depth in my eyes, you have to create that illusion by playing with colors. Why? I don’t have depth in my eyes so why try to make me look like I have a different type of bone structure? Why not make make me up with and emphasize my existing features?

    The benefit of YT, for me, in addition to the fact that it’s free and available 24/7, is the variety of people on there.

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