157868759GD005_Rodeo_Drive_New makeup brands are launched all the time and I’m usually very interested and a little critical. But this one? I can barely contain my excitement. Style icon, risk-taker, and all-over adorable person, Drew Barrymore, introduced a new makeup line, Flower. It’s affordable and accessible — I mean, it’s at Walmart, does it get easier than that — and most importantly, it’s good.

flower-cosmetic-lineWith more than 181 eye, face, lip and nail products ranging from $5 to $14, there’s a lot to be to be excited about. When talking about her inspiration in creating a makeup line, Barrymore explained, “I have grown up in a make-up chair.  I loved watching women in this aspirational environment.  But it was and always will be important to me to send messages of empowerment.  And on a business level, I wanted to give women the finest formulas.  They deserve to have that level of quality, and I wanted to be the brand that delivers that to them.” Cheers to that.

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