How to Get the Look: Mega-Watt Lashes Seen At Zac Posen

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It was all about lashes — big, bold lashes — yesterday at Zac Posen’s Spring 2013 presentation. The look, explained key makeup artist Kabuki, was a mixture of strength and femininity.

Each model had a row of falsies, plus another layer on the outer half for extra glamour (they used MAC Eyelash #36, $16 and Eyelash #44, $16). To get the look, start with a coat of black mascara (they used MAC False Lashes Mascara, $20), apply the lashes and follow up with a second coat of mascara. “Without mascara, the lashes would look fake,” said Kabuki.

Apply the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Cream liner helps to define the upper lash line (they used MAC Fluidline Eyeliner, $15 in brown for models with fair complexions and dark brown or black for the darker skin tones). Finally, to finish off the doe-look to the eyes, they drew a little triangle at the outer corner of the eyeliner (an old Greta Garbo trick).

For the rest of the makeup look, since there were women of many different skin tones in the show, from very dark to very pale, Kabuki stayed away from specific colors and went for a nude palette. He also defined the brows to add strength to the look. But the major story, was the lashes. “They have the same impact on everyone and add a touch of fantasy,” said Kabuki.

The dreamy makeup backsage.

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

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