New York Fashion Week Is In Full Effect: A Nail Look We Love At Nicole Miller

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With NYFW carrying on full steam this week, I’m going to show you the best of the new (and sometimes not new) trends and expert tricks in hair, makeup and nails for spring 2013. First up on the block: nail art created by CND. Candice Manacchio, nail and fashion expert for CND, explained how to get the look they call Galaxy Glam: an iridescent diamond surrounded by jet black. It’s super chic and a little futuristic. To get the look, they sporadically sponged-on mint (a custom blend), sparkle (CND Sapphire Sparkle Effect, $11) and white (CND Colour in Studio White, $9) along with pink (the specific shade used will be launching spring 2013). Once that dried, each nail was edged out in black (CND Colour in Blackjack, $9). Sounds like it would take forever to do yourself? Probably. But that’s when a pretty amazing tip came in. These nails were all painted on self-adhesive nails, and then taped on the models before they hit the runway. Perfect for those who don’t have a steady hand or time to sit and let the cool nail designs dry. You can do that, right? Try Kiss Ever Lasting Color Square Nail Kit, $6.

They gave me one to play with and I think it looks awesome by itself too.

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

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