Copy Kate Hudson's Soft Curls

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Kate Hudson looked amazing last week at the Venice Film Festival in all her glowing goddess, slightly bo-ho goodness. I particularly love her long, soft waves, which are equally as down-to-earth as her typical beach-y curls (you can see those here), yet a touch more glam. I’m loving the center part too. David Babaii, who created the look, shares his tips for how you can get it yourself.

Step 1.  Start with wet hair and add a small amount of shine serum, (Babaii used IT&LY Pure Drops Serum). Then distribute a mousse, (he used IT&LY Pure Style Mousse), to just the lower half of your hair for added hold for the soft curls.

Step 2. Part hair down the middle and blow dry using a paddle brush smoothing the crown and top half of your hair.

Step 3. For the lower portion of your locks, switch to a medium round brush and wrap sections of hair around the brush to create her loose, soft boho-ish waves.

Step 4. Finish the look with a soft-hold hair spray (Babaii sprayed IT&LY Pure Definition Hair Spray) for hold and shine.

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

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