Reader Q: “How can I wear matte lipstick without my lips drying out?”

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Reader Question: “I love matte lipstick, but the more I re-apply, the more cakey and dry my lips get. What’s the secret to wearing matte lipstick all day?” – Deatria

The Answer: I love, love matte lipstick too. But the wrong one can be a drag — literally. And when your lipstick pulls on your lips, you know it’s going to dry them out, which doesn’t bode well for all-day-long wear. The secret to getting a good result is moisture. The first thing to try: add just a touch of lip balm to your mouth when you start your makeup routine so it totally soaks in by the time you’re ready for lipstick. Then you have a hydrated base which will help the color go on smoothly. If you still aren’t satisfied with what your matte is doing to your lips, the solution is pretty simple, says celebrity makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind — “when you’re buying a new opaque, look for a creamy matte or soft matte”. Though the words aren’t always in the name (of course this makes finding them slightly more complicated), it’s all about the feel, explains Liebeskind since these are much more moisturizing than the heavy mattes of yester-year. “These more modern mattes are comfortable on your lips and don’t tug, they glide on your lips,” she says. You can reapply them as often as you need without getting the thick creamy buildup. The downside to these moisture-packed mattes? “You’ll definitely have to apply more often than the thicker formulas.” It’s a small price to pay, I say.

Here are a few to try:

Tarte Matte LipSurgence, $24 This super lightweight matte stain is infused with jojoba seed and peppermint oil to calm and moisturize, plus vitamin C and Vitamin E to fight free-radical damage. The color lasts forever — in lipstick years, that is.

MAC Matte Lipstick, $15 This creamy and smooth lipstick goes on really smooth and doesn’t leave your lips dry and cracked, even when you reapply obsessively like I do. My personal favorite shade right now is Please Me — a just-shy-of-bubble-gum pink that’s neutral, yet cool.

Revlon Matte Lipstick, $9 You get great color pay off without sacrificing the moisture in your lips with this drugstore staple.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, $6 This highly pigmented lip cream sets to a matte finish and isn’t as drying as it’s NYX counterpart, the equally awesome Matte Lipstick.

Do you have any makeup questions? Send them our way!

— Carrie Stern Kleiner



One Reply to “Reader Q: “How can I wear matte lipstick without my lips drying out?””

  1. With Matte lipstick, you put it on once in the morning and that is it. It stays on all day. The drying happens if it’s reapplied a second time. FYI.

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