Check This Adorable Braided Style From The Giejo Fashion Show, Miami Fashion Week

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Aside from gangs of leggy beauties and heaps of bikinis, Miami Swim Week turned out really beautiful and beach-ready hairstyles. TIGI creative director Heath Grout created this braided style — we love the loose waves and especially the swathe of fabric braded in. Here’s how to get the look that’s perfect for the last weeks of summer:

 Step 1: Prep hair with Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness Root Boost Spray, $13, to give your roots lift. Then blow dry hair using your fingers to create even more volume.

Step 2: “Loosely braid the top half of the hair starting off-center and curving back along the crown and towards the nape,” says Grout. For added fun, weave a colorful material into the braid.

Step 3: Set the look with finishing spray like Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Finishing Spray, $20, and dry shampoo for more texture. Grout used Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo, $20.  Add a finishing touch by running fingers through loose hair for beach-like waves.

Would you style this with or without the fabric?

– Carrie Stern Kleiner

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