Is your inner child is as excited about the idea of a Hello Kitty spa as ours is? My BEOC partner-in-crime Kristen recently told me that she spent every dollar of her allowance at the Hello Kitty store growing up. This, I totally believe. And I’m pretty sure I was jealous of all her Kitty booty. Now as adults, the iconic cat is both nostalgic and super fun, so when we heard about the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa that opened in Town Centre Jumeirah, Dubai, it was like a dream come true. This is as girly as you can get with pink and cupcakes and of course, it’s namesake character plastered on every surface. They offer services like manis and pedis for both kids and adults ā€” perfect mother-daughter outing, right? Hopefully they will hear the calling and open one in the US soon. In the meantime, get your Hello Kitty beauty fix with Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art in minty, $10.

Would you go to a theme spa?

– Carrie Stern Kleiner

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