At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Wacky Nail Polish Shades?

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I’m all for experimenting with color when it comes to nail polish, but not everyone agrees that shades of blue, green or grey belong on your fingertips. One of the first few times I had dinner with my father-in-law (he wasn’t my father-in-law at the time), Chanel Vamp was the color of the moment and I was wearing it proudly. Being the conservative, traditional guy he was, he kindly reminded me that women should only wear pink or red on their nails. I’ll never forget these “words of wisdom” he shared with me because I was so impressed that he had even noticed my nails. Has it stopped me from showing off purple, orange and fun, multi-colored manicures? Heck no.

Then, just this past weekend at a family gathering my mom and grandma showed up wearing grey and sparkly blue polishes respectively. I had never seen my mom sport this grey hue, so it definitely caught my eye, but I was too busy with the festivities to stop and think much about it.

My sisters didn’t let it go though. At the end of the afternoon, they mentioned the wacky nail polish shades. They weren’t fans and wondered, “at what age should women stop following trends like wearing bright or unexpected nail polish colors?” We didn’t come to a conclusion, so I thought I’d let you weigh in on this. What’s your opinion: Should women over 50 stick to neutral and pink shades when it comes to nail color? And, at what age should women avoid these non-traditional nail polish hues?

3 Replies to “At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Wacky Nail Polish Shades?”

  1. When you’re over 120 years old perhaps you could tone down your nail polish color. But then again, who cares. 🙂

  2. Women should be able to wear whatever they want on their nails. I’m 45 and I still wear different colors on every nail when the mood strikes me 🙂 I do try to keep the colors in the same family though, maybe all purple but different shades. My 9 year old daughter had a fit when I wore different pastel shades on every finger for easter. 🙂

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