Kate Middleton Breaks Out of Her Hair Rut: Copy Her Look

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Just as I was about to declare that Kate Middleton seemed to be in a bit of a hair rut, she went out and got herself a fabulous braided updo. Kudos to her for being brave enough to try something new. She should do it more often. And, so should the rest of us. If you’re one of those women who always wears her hair down, try a half-up ‘do, a braided bang or even a full updo like Middleton’s. Or, if you’re a ponytail addict (like me), try wearing your hair down once a week. You can copy Middleton’s go-to style. The compliments are sure to roll in and the much-need change might just help you love your hair again.

To create a braided updo similar to Middleton’s, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a side part and clip your bang area (opposite your part) out of the way.

Step 2: Starting at the temple on the same side as your part, French braid that side section of hair. Secure the end of the braid with a tiny clear elastic.

Step 3: French braid the opposite side (excluding the clipped bang section), but start this braid just above your ear. Secure with a tiny clear elastic. At this point you should have two side braids, a hanging section of hair at the bottom and your clipped bangs.

Step 4: Crisscross the braids at the back of your head, tuck in the ends then secure the braid to your scalp with bobby pins.

Step 5: Roll up the hanging hair at the back of your head into a chignon shape and secure it just below the braids with bobby pins.

Step 6: Finish the look by removing the clip in your bang area and sweeping the section back toward the braids. Secure it by tucking and pinning the section into the braids.

2 Replies to “Kate Middleton Breaks Out of Her Hair Rut: Copy Her Look”

  1. One of my fave looks of hers so far.

    The dress is definitely a risk being that it’s sheer & cut low, but she still looks sophisticated & pulls it off very well.

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