Grooming 411: Daily Face Moisturizer Worth Trying

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Today we’re kicking off a new column — one that my hubby Justin will contribute to from time to time when he tries a grooming product worth sharing or when he has a question that I think other dudes out there will care to know the answer to.

What he wanted to talk about today, through me, since he wouldn’t dare write this up himself, is the Ahava Men Age Control Moisturizing Cream SPF 15, $32.

Here’s why he can’t stop talking about this face-protecting moisturizer, which he’s been using for about a month:

  • “It rubs in very easily after I shave in the morning without any stinging sensation even though it has SPF.”
  • “I get my sun protection for the day.”
  •  “It has an awesome scent that isn’t overpowering. It’s a fresh scent that sticks with me … and the wife digs it.” [Note from the wife: The scent is fresh and a bit peppery/spicy. Very sexy, but in a subtle way.]
  • “It doesn’t take up much space in my drawer. And, it’s light for traveling, which is huge.”
  • “The pump doesn’t clog like a lot of others do after a few days of not being used.”
  •  “You never have to pump it more than once for the product to come out.”
  • “One pump is the amount you need for your entire face.”

Bottom line: “There’s nothing not to like. It’s kick ass.”

Full disclosure: The company provided a sample of this product for us to test. See the complete disclosure policy here.

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