Natural Beauty Tips Just in Time for Earth Day

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Happy earth day! I hope you enjoyed a very short shower, recycled your empty shampoo bottle and remembered to unplug your hair dryer this a.m. in order to lower your beauty routine’s carbon footprint. Me, well, I thought I’d point out the various posts I’ve done over the last year that were focused on helping you add a little more green (and I don’t mean the color) to your beauty stash. Here’s the list:

Natural Deodorants That Don’t Stink

Natural Makeup Products and Brands That Are So Worth Trying

Homemade Beauty Recipe That’s Good Enough to Eat

“Is There a Good Natural Baby Lotion with Sunscreen for Everyday” (Read the answer)

Save Your Kiehl’s Bottles and Earn Free Products

How to Make Your Own Bathtub Tea Soak

Best Natural Sunscreens

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