Make Your Eyes Look More Almond Shaped — With Eyeliner

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Last night while checking out the new location for the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Hollywood, I also picked up a few key makeup tricks. If you, like me, have large or round eyes and want to make them appear a bit more almond shaped when using a long-lasting gel eyeliner like Napoleon Perdis China Doll Eyeliner, $25 — more dreamy, if you will — try this trick:

Instead of applying a perfect or sharp-looking line from inner to outer corners, smudge the line a bit. Use a flat liner brush to apply the gel, which will make smudging a bit easier (try MAC 212 Flat Definer Brush, $22.50). And, focus the liner on the outer corners of your eyes. It should be thicker on the outer corners and thinner as you reach the middle of your lid. Then, instead of continuing the line across the inner half of your lid, simply dab just a bit of the liner right on the upper inner corners of your eyes. The line will look like it’s connected, but it’ll be very thin and subtle in that area, which is what you want. This instantly gives your eyes a more almond, sexy shape.

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