I’m a new convert to Pinterest, and just like everyone else, I’m totally obsessed. Along with recipes and home décor, there are tons of über fabulous beauty inspiration pins — everything from hot manicure trends to DIY beauty ideas. Since I’m a sucker for anything bath related (yeah, embarrassingly I’ve been know to take two baths in one day. Okay, sometimes even three … shhh), when I saw a pin that mentioned making your own bath tea soak, I was intrigued. Wait, what’s bath tea, you ask? Just like it sounds — it’s a mix of teas, flowers and herbs that you steep in the tub to soothe and hydrate your skin (and soul). With that in mind, I stalked my friends at Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon for advice about how to make a bath tea that will make my skin glow. Here’s what they recommended:

 Step 1: Choose your tea

While green, white and black teas have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, they are also super drying on the skin. Instead, opt for an herbal tea, like chamomile for your bath.

Step 2: Add in hard-working ingredients

With any homemade bath tea, you can add extras to make your skin glow. Calendula is ultra healing and soothing, oatmeal is moisturizing and Epsom or sea salt is great to soften skin and relax muscles.

Step 3: Make it smell fabulous

Make a relaxing fragrant blend using dried roses, lavender flowers, chamomile and hops. If it’s an energizing bath you’re looking for, try peppermint and rosemary.

Step 4: Steep your tea

Once you have all of your preferred herbs, brew the combo in a kettle and pour it right in your bath water (just make sure it’s not too hot). Or, add the dried herbs to a large mesh tea infuser or drop them into the toe of a clean pair of nylons, then attach the bundle of herbs to the mouth of your bath faucet. Run hot water through them as you fill the bath. Your whole room will be filled with floral aromatic goodness as the steam rises. Ahh…

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

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