Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Ponytail

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At the Valentino 50th anniversary party and Beverly Hills flagship store opening this week, not only did Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe both show off equally fabulous black and white dresses, but they also both wore their hair in wrapped ponytails. But, Kardashian went with a perkier high wrapped pony while Zoe went with a more ’70s-inspired, middle-parted low wrapped pony.

This just proves that tweaking your part and the placement of your ponytail can make all the difference in your look. If you’re going for a flirty, girl-next-door vibe, try Kardashian’s style. But, if you are going for a look that’s a little bit more laid back and cool, stick with Zoe’s look.

I’m sure you’ve all got the basic ponytail down by now, but wrapping a section of hair around your elastic and actually getting it to stay in place is a bit trickier. Here’s how I do it:

After securing your hair into a ponytail, grab a quarter-inch section of hair from one side of your ponytail. Spritz that section with a generous amount of hairspray to give it some grip and to smooth frizz and flyaways. Then, wrap it tightly around your elastic stopping it under your tail. Secure the tiny section under your tail with a bobby pin, then slip a second pin in from the other side of your head so that it crosses over the first pin. This will really help lock that section into place so that it doesn’t slip free.

So, which ponytail do you prefer?

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