Beauty Problem Solver of the Week: Lather Ugandan Shea Butter

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The Product: Lather Ugandan Shea Butter, $17 (1.8 oz)

Why: This unscented shea and vitamin E “butter” came in quite handy during a quick business trip I took last week. Because it’s solid, I could keep it in my carry-on bag and not have to pull it out while going through security. Very convenient. But, the main reason why I had to travel with this is because I needed something deeply moisturizing to slather on my growing belly — yup, I’m pregnant. I’ve been using body oils to keep my skin supple while at home — and to hopefully help prevent stretch marks — but I couldn’t travel with the large bottle of liquid and even if I could have, oils are risky to pack. One spill can leave the rest of your toiletries, or worse, your clothes a total mess.

When you first scoop out this butter, you’ll be surprised at how hard it seems. I didn’t think it would spread easily enough to cover an entire area like my stomach. But, once you warm up the product by rubbing it between your fingers, it somewhat melts and allows you to easily glide it over any spots that need extra moisture. Feet, knees, elbows and hands are what this is commonly used for, but I love how soft and hydrated it left my midsection. Although I won’t be traveling for a while, I will continue to use this.

What product are you obsessed with right now? Tell us about it by commenting on this post.

2 Replies to “Beauty Problem Solver of the Week: Lather Ugandan Shea Butter”

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m currently using Dr. Hauschka rose body moisturizer! It’s quite runny but it soaks in really well!

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