How to Spice Up Any Solid Nail Color

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I recently waxed poetic about orange nail polish and how I’m loving the shade for spring. Although orange polish is fun, fresh and eye-catching, the more you wear it, the less unique it seems. That’s why last night when I painted my nails in CND Colour in Electric Orange, $9 I decided I needed to add a little somethin’, somethin’ to make it a little bit different. That’s when I reached for Zoya Fleck Effect Nail Top Coat in Chloe, $8. It’s an almost clear, but slightly pink-based top coat with multi-hued, mylar flecks.

I considered topping the CND orange with the blingy top coat on every nail, but decided to swipe it only on my ring finger nails. It adds a little something unique (though the photo doesn’t do it full justice, unfortunately) and might make people do a double take when they check out my nails. And, even if they don’t notice it, I do (and you will), which makes it even more fun. If you don’t have a mylar top coat like this, glitter would have a similar effect.

Now tell me: How do you spice up your go-to nail polish shade? Any tricks you want to share?

2 Replies to “How to Spice Up Any Solid Nail Color”

  1. The Python Manicure is the newest nail trend. I’m currently on the hunt for some snake skin because I really think it would spice up a solid nail color.

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