Beauty Mood Booster of the Week: Crafty Crayola Nails

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Though these psychedelic bright nails were seen backstage at the Nicole Miller Fall 2012 New York fashion show, they are the perfect way to brighten up an almost-spring day.

Not only will the finished look bring a child-like grin to your face, but the process of creating these colorful swirls will be a blast. Mostly because the key to the look is that it shouldn’t be perfect and instead look homemade. Refreshing, huh?

To create the look, start by laying down a fuchsia base color like CND Colour in Raspberry Parfait, $9 (after applying a base coat, of course) then — using a fine art paintbrush — start creating coils of color with each of the following shades: yellow (try CND Colour in Bicycle Yellow), $9, orange (try CND Colour in Electric Orange, $9) and blue (try CND Nail Colour in Anchor Blue, $9).

Let the lacquers dry for a couple of minutes and finish with a clear top coat. Fun, right?

2 Replies to “Beauty Mood Booster of the Week: Crafty Crayola Nails”

  1. Do you have a picture of the entire nail so I can see the whole design? Also, making swirls with nail art brushes is pretty difficult and time consuming. I wonder if there’s a nail trick for doing swirls faster.

    1. Yes, here’s a link to another photo: — it’s not of great quality because I cropped in quite a bit so that you can really see the design, but I think it’ll help. And, if you’re trying to make the swirls perfect, it will be time consuming to do this look. But, if you look at the close up photo you’ll see that they are SO not perfect. So, I’d say the best tip is to use a fine art brush (not necessarily a nail art one, but one from an art store — that’s what they were using backstage as they created these in minutes) and to just go for it and not worry about perfection. Or, you could always paint these on tips and then stick the tips right on. It’s always easier to create art on nails that aren’t attached to your hands. Just be sure to file the nails down to a natural-looking length so they don’t look super fake.

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