Alternative to Hard-to-Remove Glitter Nail Polish — A Trick Learned Backstage at New York Fashion Week

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While catching up with sweet and fabulous Roxanne Valinoti, nail stylist for CND, backstage at the Victoria Beckham show at New York Fashion Week, we started talking glitter nail polish. We were both expressing our love for the fun, playful lacquer, but also groaning about how hard it is to remove. I’ve practically had to chisel it off of my nails, and Roxanne said one swipe over a model’s glittery nails this week left her cotton pad with an instant hole. As much as we love the look of glitter, the removal process is just a pain.

That’s when she spilled her trade secret for getting the look of a glittery nail polish without the impossible-to-remove side effect. She applies her non-glittery polish of choice and then brushes fine craft glitter (try Martha Stewart Crafts Fine Glitter which you can pick up at Michaels) over top. She says it gives you the glitzy look you’re after, but because the glitter is much more fine, it’s way easier to swipe off when you’re done rocking the shiny stuff.

2 Replies to “Alternative to Hard-to-Remove Glitter Nail Polish — A Trick Learned Backstage at New York Fashion Week”

  1. Today is my first day of wearing a glitter polish by Essie called Luxeffects Glitter Top Coat. They look pretty! My nails are thin and split easily so I am constantly putting clear top coats on my nails trying to keep them in tact. I haven’t taken the polish off yet but I have to admit I love that it’s hard to get off because most polish chips after 48 hours on my nails. This polish makes them feel thicker and stronger.

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